Hi, I’m Rosilyn!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could do something meaningful with your genetic testing results? Something beyond completing another online family tree?

I’m one of the people who dove in head first when genetic testing became available through sites like 23andMe and Ancestry. And, while knowing exactly how much of my DNA was West African, and discovering strangers who share DNA with me was nice, I quickly realized that for all of this information being exchanged, I wasn’t getting any real value, just data points: “Oh, you’re my (20th!) 6th cousin; we share .03% DNA,” etc. Plus, with the very complicated African American history in the U.S., connecting the dots is not as simple as finding a record of my family’s Ellis Island arrival.
So, while it was all fairly interesting, the only real thing I got from DNA testing was just more data. I wanted to find a way to make real use of the information I discovered.

And then it hit me: Music!

Music is universal and timeless. DNA is universal and timeless. So why not create a playlist compiled by people with whom I share DNA?
I asked every person I was related to on the site one simple question: What’s your favorite song? And Universal DNA Playlist was born!

Feel free to browse the site, listen to my playlist, and use the tips to make your own.

Get the stories behind the songs!

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