The latest DNA relative is Theresa. Theresa lives in NY and became interested in her DNA profile when she learned from a doctor that she shared some peculiar blood work results that were more consistent with African Americans even though as far as she knew, she was Caucasian. Once Theresa, who is adopted, received her DNA ancestry report, she discovered she had a significant amount of African ancestry. Then I reached out and asked her for her favorite song, because yeah. Read Theresa’s story and learn why she chose her playlist entry in her own words below.

  1. Tell me about you! My name is Theresa. I live in Rochester, NY. I’m a Music Therapist working as a Director of Activities.Hobbies include music, photography and crocheting. I foster dogs for a dog rescue
  2. What song did you choose and why? I chose Yesterday by The Beatles. I have loved this song for so long. I think the Beatles are a very important group in music history. I like that they played their own music.
  3. Tell me about your DNA journey.I was adopted. I started this journey in hopes of finding relatives that can help me fill in the blanks. Not only in the medical history, but the family history as well. I have met some beautiful people. I don’t say that just because we are related, but because everyone that has contacted me or responded has been very kind, welcoming and open.

    In 2011, my doctor was explaining my blood work to me. She explained that she was not concerned about a certain number being low because it was consistent each time. It was not typical for a Caucasian but average for someone of African descent. This, of course, made me curious. I found out I am of African descent. I believe I get that from my father, who does not know of my existence (non-identifying information from my adoption).

    I am very happy to be able to share my DNA make-up with whomever cares to know. It can be sad when the people you are looking for cannot be found or choose not to be found but then again, there are many who are happy to share.

    Thanks so much Theresa!