Is a certain amount of jealousy in a relationship ok? In episode 3, my 2nd cousin Sherman will weigh in on that issue, and extoll the virtues of Houston’s Restaurant and telling us about the time in high school when he threw THE house party of 1987 (and he almost got away with it too!). Between Sherman’s hilarious stories, great advice, and soothing voice, trust me, you will not want this episode to end.

  • The proper way to dine at Houston’s Restaurant [3:05]
  • How to spend 24 hours in Memphis [3:56]
  • Who Sherman would invite to his dream dinner party (the food would be amazing!) [6:44]
  • Where he would go if he could travel back in time [10:48]
  • How he threw THE house party of 1987 [13:25]
  • The best thing to listen to when you’re having a crappy day [16:43]
  • His favorite Marvin Gaye song [17:34]
  • The most painful game of “one has to go” ever [17:53]
  • The time he was semi-catfished [21:48]
  • Is a little jealousy in a relationship ok? (He gives the exact percentage of the acceptable amount). [24:26]